1.  MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, the Milford Haven Waterway is defined as a “Narrow Channel” under the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS).

2.  Following a series of Close Quarter situations involving Large Commercial Vessels between Newton Noyes and the Cleddau Bridge and small leisure vessels, mariners are reminded of their obligations under Rule 9 parts a,b,c,d of the COLREGS:

       a. A vessel proceeding along the course of a narrow channel or fairway shall keep as near to the outer limit of the channel or fairway which lies on her starboard side as is safe and practicable.
       b. A vessel of less than 20 metres in length or a sailing vessel shall not impede the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway.
       c. A vessel engaged in fishing shall not impede the passage of any other vessel navigating within a narrow passage or fairway.
      d. A vessel shall not cross a narrow channel or fairway if such crossing impedes the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within such channel or fairway. The latter vessel may use the sound signal prescribed in Rule 34(d) if in doubt as to the intention of the crossing vessel.

3.  Port of Milford Haven Byelaw 20: Vessels to be Navigated with Care, and Byelaw 22: As to Fairway also apply.

4.  Mariners are further reminded of Annual Standing Notice No.23 Obstructing the Fairway.

5.  Further information on regular Large Commercial Vessel movements can be found in the Leisure Users Guide at: https://www.mhpa.co.uk/media/4wfmvjue/2024-leisure-user-guide.pdf

6.  Mariners should check the Port Website for the updated list of Notice to Mariners in force https://www.mhpa.co.uk/notice-to-mariners/

7.  Admiralty charts 3274, 3275 and Imray 2600.11 refer.


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