Our Purpose, Strategy and Values

Tom Sawyer, Chief Executive of the Port of Milford Haven with the Waterway in the background

We will always be proud custodians of the Milford Haven Waterway.

We are entrusted to safely, effectively and responsibly deliver resilience, and support sustainable coastal communities for the prosperity of future generations.

Tom Sawyer, Chief Executive

Our purpose

To operate the UK's leading energy port safely, responsibly, and effectively.

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Our Values 

We have an unwavering focus on safety; it's at the heart of everything we do. We strive for excellence through collaboration with a sustainable conscience.

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Jonathan Chitty, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director at the Port of Milford Haven

Sustainability for us means being a thriving business, always working to minimise our environmental footprint and doing all in our power to safeguard the extraordinary natural wealth of our region.

Jonathan Chitty, Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Financial Officer

Our Strategy for Growth

  1. Expand our world-class pilotage capability.

  2. Develop Milford Haven as a leading destination to live, visit, play and enjoy.

  3. Develop existing multi-purpose port operations and establish Pembroke Port as one of the UK’s leading renewable energy hubs, and establish an early phase hospitality offer.


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