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Tidal Predictions for Milford Haven have been computed by the National Oceanography Centre: Copyright Reserved. The information is provided to assist shipping using the Haven, and while every endeavour is made to ensure that it is accurate, the Port of Milford Haven accepts no responsibility for any errors or for loss or damage of whatever description arising directly or indirectly from information provided.

Date/Time Height (m) Height (ft) Range (m) Range (ft)
22 Jul 2024 00:39 1.11 3.6 5.74 18.8
22 Jul 2024 06:41 6.75 22.2 5.64 18.5
22 Jul 2024 12:57 1.1 3.6 5.65 18.5
22 Jul 2024 19:01 7.1 23.3 6 19.7

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2024 tide times for the Port of Milford Haven

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