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Tom Sawyer, Chief Executive of the Port of Milford Haven with the Waterway in the background

We will always be proud custodians of the Milford Haven Waterway.

We are entrusted to safely, effectively and responsibly deliver resilience, and support sustainable coastal communities for the prosperity of future generations.

Tom Sawyer, Chief Executive

The impact we have

We recognise that our activities generate significant, sustainable benefits to Pembrokeshire, Wales and the UK, and we are passionate about delivering prosperity. This is about more than creating a healthy economy, it is also about making this a place where the community has access to rewarding careers, that is culturally rich and where we all feel empowered to make a positive contribution to our natural environment. 

Over 4,000 Pembrokeshire jobs are supported by the activities taking place on the Milford Haven Waterway. Our vision aims to safeguard those jobs and generate new opportunities for the people and businesses in Pembrokeshire.

We are anchored in Pembrokeshire, invested in our future and immersed in our community. And we are proud to be in this unique position, delivering sustainable prosperity through integrated business and community action.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In terms of shipping, we handled 1,957 commercial vessels in 2022. The amount of cargo that was transported in 2022 was 38.9 million tonnes.

Geographically, we cover 22 miles of Waterway.

You can see which ships are visiting the Port on our Live Information page. 

On any given day the Waterway sees a wide range of users. From dinghies and fishing boats to a twice daily ferry and supertankers. One of the largest ever to call at the Port was the LNG carrier, Tembek, at 315m length overall and 50m beam.

A Trust Port is an independent body, governed by a specific Act or Acts of Parliament.

In the UK, there are private ports, trust ports and municipal authority ports. We are a Trust Port. We have no shareholders or owners. We do not pay dividends to third parties; neither do we receive direct budgetary support from government.

Find out more about how we are governed.

Find out more about trust ports.

Our statutory duties are to:

  1. Regulate and maintain navigation.
  2. Prevent or reduce the discharge of oil, or the risk of discharge of oil into the Waterway.
  3. Provide and operate port and harbour services in, or in the vicinity of, the Waterway.
  4. Preserve natural beauty.
  5. Conserve flora, fauna and geological features.
  6. Ensure an easy passage through the Waterway for ascending salmon and sea trout.

As a Trust Port, we re-invest any profits back into the business. This ensures we can maintain our principal operations and deliver projects that will create jobs, support economic growth and deliver a bright outlook for the region.

Yes. We have three key programmes:

  1. Port Charity: Every three years we choose a charity to support.
  2. Community Fund: Administered by our employees, the community fund provides support for local groups.
  3. Green Energy Fund: Helps local groups improve their environmental sustainability.

Discover more about Community Support.

For the scale of our business and the impact it has on the regional and national economy, we are quite a small team of around 200.

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