The Milford Haven Waterway is one of Wales' best kept secrets. It is a diverse place with superb sailing to be enjoyed. Tranquil corners are as easy to find as open water adventures. 

Zoning and Byelaws

When enjoying the Waterway you must also ensure that you are considerate towards all other users. Please abide by the zoning scheme and byelaws as detailed in the Leisure Users Guide. This can also be found in the Port of Milford Haven's printed tide tables. To check tides online please use our searchable tide table or download the printed version. 

Please take particular care around commercial traffic (see Lower Reaches below), training and teaching areas, moorings, waterski zones, marina entrances, launch sites and slipways, other craft at anchor, divers, pontoons and beaches with swimmers.

Lower Reaches

Yachting activity is more concentrated between the Cleddau Bridge and the lower reaches of the Waterway, with some yachts going out to the wildlife rich islands and beyond.

This section of the waterway is particularly busy and does see significant commercial traffic. You should be aware that many of these larger commercial vessels have limited visibility and manoeuvrability and you should be vigilant in watching for this traffic and navigate accordingly - there is plenty of space outside the main deep water channel. 

In some of the bays and tributaries you will find shallows and it is easy to get caught out so check your charts or seek local advice when planning your passage.

the Upper reaches

A smaller number of vessels explore the upper reaches of the Daugleddau and its tributaries. This area has a dead slow minimal wake and is a great place for a tranquil sail. It is not without its dangers - the upper reaches are probably best suited to the smaller dinghies or those yachts with bilge keels. The navigable channel in parts can be difficult to follow and the mud flats and saltmarsh on a falling tide can prolong your day’s adventures. If you choose to navigate the tributaries and upper reaches beyond Llangwm you will need to keep an eye on the tide and depth gauge.

Travelling at 6 knots in virtual silence and with minimal wake minimises any disturbance and following the Pembrokeshire Marine Code of Conduct will ensure you and those after you get the best experience possible.

Appropriate training

We recommended that if you are participating in activates involving sailing craft in the haven you should receive appropriate training. If you wish to learn how to use a sailing vessel safely there are a wide variety of options available in the Haven. From dinghy and competent crew courses up to Instructor and Commercial qualifications, all abilities and aspirations can be catered for. Details on training centres near you and around the Waterway including the courses they offer are available on the RYA website.

General Safety on the Water

It's easy to get caught out on the water and a pleasant day's sail can quickly deteriorate into a serious situation. Our Safety on the Water pages have some helpful information on keeping safe throughout the season. We would recommend subscribing to the Port's Notice to Mariner's pages which will keep you up to date with key waterway news. It would also be worth following the Port of Milford Haven's Twitter and Facebook accounts for news and updates.