Helping you to stay safe as you enjoy the Milford Haven Waterway

Exploring the Waterway

The Milford Haven Waterway is a deep water estuary on the west coast of the UK. It offers 22 miles of sheltered navigable waters and is a haven for marine leisure activities. Sailing and power-boating are two of the most popular but kayaking, diving and coasteering can all be enjoyed here - among others.

A journey up river takes you from open sea along the banks of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park through dramatic industrial infrastructure before rejoining the National Park in the tranquil upper reaches. Along the way you'll encounter Naval forts, pretty beaches, waterside villages and towns and interesting wildlife - you may even spot a seal or two.

You can explore independently or join a boat trip for a waterway adventure (or hop on a tour to visit Pembrokeshire's magnificent, wildlife-rich islands).

Know the rules of the road

It's a busy waterway and, in places, is used by commercial traffic. Everyone needs to know how to act to keep themselves and others safe while afloat. Advice on general safety can be found here, while the rules and regulations that apply on the Waterway can be found here.

We publish annual tide tables which you can download here or find in multiple outlets around the Waterway - they are free and will help keep you safe. (There is also a tide search function here if you just want basic tide heights and times.) The tide tables include the Leisure User Guide which can also be found here. This will help explain specific designations as well as providing other useful advice about the Waterway.


A walk on the wild side

The Milford Haven Waterway is part of the Pembrokeshire Marine SAC and is a very special place.

In spring and summer the peaceful embayments and rivers provide breeding habitats and crèche sites for a multitude of birds. Wildfowl and wader counts have observed significant numbers of shelduck, teal, widgeon, curlew and redshank, with numbers reaching over 25,000 in winter.

Seals are often seen in the Waterway and, if you venture out to the islands, you may spot cetaceans such as harbour porpoise, common and bottlenose dolphins and sometimes whales. The bird life on the islands is particularly spectacular and a trip around or onto one of the islands is a must.

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