Port of Milford Haven


The Milford Haven Waterway is a busy location which carries both commercial and leisure users. It lends itself to a wide variety of water based recreational activities and, dependent on the location, is suitable for both experienced and novice users. Our aim is to keep you informed so that you can stay safe and ensure that your actions do not harm other users or the environment.

Keeping informed

Please visit the Safety and the Bye-laws and Regulations pages for more information about yourself and others safe when you are using the Waterway. As well as the information on these pages we would recommend signing up to the Notice to Mariners. This gives updates of all water based activity and can be invaluable. It would also be worth following the Port of Milford Haven's Twitter and Facebook accounts for news and updates.

Staying Safe on the Water

It is important that you have an understanding of the basic Rules of the Road for the waterway as well as Port Byelaws and Activity Zoning. As an Authority we strongly recommended that users should complete a recognised training course before venturing out onto open waters. If no formal training is available in your chosen sport we would recommend venturing out with first with one of the many local companies that specialise in watersports. You need to be confident when you venture out that you are capable of getting yourself back to shore and know how to raise assistance if the situation demands.

Leisure User's Guide & Tide Table

The Port annually publishes a Tide Table and Leisure Users Guide. Together these will help you safely plan your chosen activities.

Caring for the environment

Pembrokeshire is an area of international importance for conservation and is protected accordingly. The Milford Haven Waterway is part of the Pembrokeshire Marine SAC and is a very special place. We encourage all users to adopt the Pembrokeshire Marine Code. The Code of Practice exists to help reduce disturbance to all wildlife from water based activities throughout the waterway and surrounding coastal areas. Following the code will also help you to adhere to conservation legislation requirements.

Waterway launch sites

For details of launch sites within the Waterway visit www.boatlaunch.co.uk