Port of Milford Haven

The Organisation

Milford Haven Port Authority (MHPA) is the statutory harbour authority for the Port of Milford Haven. It is a Trust Port andĀ operates on a commercial basis, charging port fees for providing conservancy and pilotage services to the vessels delivering or collecting products at the principal terminals located on the Milford Haven Waterway. It also owns and operates a property portfolio at Milford Marina and Fish Docks and port facilities at Pembroke Dock.

As a Trust Port, MHPA does not have shareholders (all profit is retained and is available for re-investment into the business in support of its key objectives). The Port has a wide range of stakeholders which canĀ be defined as anyone who uses or is connected to the Port, or whose livelihood and welfare may be dependent on the Port, and all bodies or individuals who may represent others in this context.

The Port sustains a nationally important portfolio of businesses engaged in the production and distribution of energy and energy fuels. This activity accounts for over 5,000 jobs in Wales and substantial continuous investment into the local economy.

Our Businesses

The Port of Milford Haven operates businesses on the north and south sides of the Milford Haven Waterway:


Our Employees

It is only through the efforts of employees that the Port can successfully serve its customers, generate long-term sustainability and contribute to the local economy. Investing in its staff is something the Port prides itself on and a significant number undertake professional qualifications during their employment.

By providing highly skilled, secure, long term jobs, it is making a positive difference to the wellbeing of its staff and creating a more prosperous community.