Simulator Technology

MARIN technology

Built using MARIN’s latest software, DOLPHIN, the navigation suite is positioned to lead the market in training and exercise scenarios.

MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, is an industry leader in hydrodynamic and nautical research and development. Their systems bridge the gap between research and commercial operations and deliver a navigation tool with incredible precision.

Sophisticated manoeuvring

The DOLPHIN software follows DNV guidelines and is based on extensive and on-going research into the field of ship hydrodynamics, port and waterway design.

Our mathematical ship models are widely considered as highly sophisticated manoeuvring models that are based on sea trials and model test results.

Exacting reactions

The software allows users to experience as close to real life as is possible with exact reaction to all environmental and hydrodynamic forces (such as ship to ship interaction or bank suction), all within a safe environment. It also has multiple vessel programmes and we can even modify the suite to recreate different bridge layouts.

The suite offers industry an exceptionally versatile, and powerful, tool.
Noel Bovens, MARIN
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