Shipping Training

De-risk the learning process

Our Marine Navigation Suite provides effective, targeted training for anyone involved in the shipping industry. We create scenarios that will put you through your paces.

Tug masters, pilots, captain, crew and even land based operators benefit from this intense, safe training option. It will help you manage your training budget and de-risk the wider learning process.

Bringing teams together

With extensive adaptability we can recreate multiple scenarios – in any location. From multi-agency to emergency we can help you and your team train for everyday and extreme situations. You can see how your team operates together under the most trying circumstances – all in the safety of a ship simulator. We can even bring together different agencies to help work through exercises and gain a clearer understanding of each others' pressures and demands.

Solving skills gaps

Our aim is to complement your training programmes (including offering HELM and PEC training). We can even conduct skills gap analysis to understand any weaknesses in your personnel – and can deliver the training needed to create a fully competent team.

When a new team comes together, or a new appointment is made, the simulator provides a safe training environment that allows all members to better understand each other.

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