Port of Milford Haven


As stipulated in the Pilotage Act 1987, pilotage is compulsory within the Haven for all ships, or tug and tow combinations, of 50 metres or more in length overall except:

  • General Lighthouse Authority tenders
  • Ships which are moving from one berth to another within a dock
  • HM ships and certain vessels owned or controlled by HM Government
  • Vessels that have a holder of a Pilotage Exemption Certificate on board

However nothing relieves the master of his overriding obligation to ensure the safe conduct of his vessel.

Pilotage Exemption Certificates may be granted to the master or chief officer of vessels that regularly trade to Milford Haven and can demonstrate a competence equivalent to that of a pilot. Contact us for further information.

Ships shall also comply with the directions of the Port of Milford Haven given by its port control.

Certain vessels over 65,000 g.t. and all vessels over 80,000 g.t. are provided with two pilots.

ADDitional information

Additional information such as the Port Guidelines, Pilotage Directions, Bye Laws, Master Pilot Exchange Form and Passage Plan and the Pilot Boarding Arrangements can be found in Marine Services.

Overcarriage Services

The Port of Milford Haven offers an overcarriage service to the following ports: Falmouth, Lynas (Liverpool), Dublin, Breaksea (Bristol Channel), Cork, Belfast, Holyhead and New Ross.



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