Maritime Professionals

Real life experience

The Port of Milford Haven is the UK’s largest energy port, ensuring the safe transfer of cargo from some of the world’s largest tankers. The experience of the Port's marine team has been instrumental in the development of the simulator suite and they will be at the helm with you. They know precisely what it is like at sea – it’s not just a theoretical exercise for them – and they know the pressures involved.

Comprehensive training

If you are thinking about training, our team is here to help you and your team become stronger.

They will support you through your exercises and will take time out to look back and review actions, helping you become stronger and deliver no matter what the scenario.

In safe hands

When you are charging us to carry out an exercise on your behalf, you benefit from extensive maritime expertise. We can trial as many scenarios as you need, and provide appropriate reporting. You can rely on an expert opinion that will help you make final assessments.

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