Pembroke Dock Marine partners welcome £60m City Deal approval


Last week’s Swansea Bay City Deal announcement is welcomed by Pembroke Dock Marine’s partners, the Port of Milford Haven, Marine Energy Wales, ORE Catapult, and Wave Hub Limited, and is also supported by Pembrokeshire County Council. It secures £60m for Pembrokeshire with £28m from Swansea Bay City Deal and the remainder part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and private sector investment. The funding will be used to establish a world-class marine energy and engineering centre of excellence for the design, test, build and deployment of marine energy devices, as well as having application across other blue and green industries. From its home on the Milford Haven Waterway, Pembroke Dock Marine will bring together access to energy source, a high-skill supply chain and a new array of services and spaces that will help developers drive down the cost of marine sourced energy through maximised innovation and operational efficiency.

The four partners will each deliver a different project element. The Port of Milford Haven will deliver modernised port facilities to support the industrial growth. ORE Catapult will deliver a Marine Energy and Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE) to drive research and innovation, Marine Energy Wales will create pre-consented Marine Energy Test Areas (META) within the Waterway for testing component and scale devices, and Wave Hub Ltd will deliver the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone (PDZ) a consented and grid connected offshore test site.

Pembroke Dock Marine’s immediate focus will be to support the growth of the floating wind, wave and tidal technologies exploring opportunities off the Welsh coastline. With net zero targets in sight and the potential to drive a new export industry, Pembroke Dock Marine will add value to the UK economic and environmental goals. It will position the region to capture a significant share of this global market.

Jess Hooper, Marine Energy Programme Manager for Marine Energy Wales, said “META is well on its way to becoming Wales’ national test centre and will ultimately consist of a series of eight pre-consented, non-grid connected test areas in the Milford Haven Waterway. With Phase 1 test areas already providing a haven for marine energy, META enables marine renewable energy device developers to deploy, de-risk and develop from their components to their devices in a relatively sheltered yet still representative ocean environment. As part of the broader PDM project, META looks forward to contributing to the blue economy opportunities this exciting project brings to Pembrokeshire and the continued development of Pembrokeshire as a world class centre for marine energy.”

Dr Stephen Wyatt, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult’s Research & Innovation Director, said “This approval is extremely welcome, enabling us to go full steam ahead with the work of our Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence and establish our longer term presence in the region. We are now formally engaging with our academic partners – the universities of Swansea, Cardiff, Bangor and Cardiff Metropolitan. The breadth and depth of their research activity perfectly complements the industrial sector expertise and market knowledge of ORE Catapult. Working with Welsh innovators and supply chain companies, MEECE will demonstrate and validate new products, technologies and processes in marine energy, providing ongoing innovation support to reduce costs and risks as these products mature towards commercialisation, something which, drawing on the Catapult’s existing expertise and those of our partners, MEECE is well-placed to provide.”

Steve Jermy, Executive Chair of Wave Hub Ltd said “This is a significant milestone in the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone project, which will catalyse the establishment of a Welsh centre for low carbon, offshore, energy production. We are excited to be working with our partners to develop strategically enabling infrastructure to accelerate the development of Welsh offshore renewable energy, to support future energy generating technologies and generate green electricity from the sea. Moving forward, we are very much looking forward to welcoming new staff, based in Pembroke Dock, into the Wave Hub project development team.”

Andy Jones, Chief Executive at the Port of Milford Haven, said “This is a landmark decision for Pembrokeshire, made possible by the Swansea Bay City Region and the European Regional Development Fund. Alongside a significant investment by the Port, the Swansea Bay City Deal will support the modernisation of our port infrastructure to ensure developers can operate with maximum efficiency allowing them to drive down the cost of energy and help reach net zero targets. We also recognise the value to other industries and the role this project will play in encouraging further collaborations and innovations within the region. We see this as a significant step forward and we look forward to working with developers as they explore the benefits of this new base. And, in turn, we welcome the positive impact this new and exciting industry will have on Pembrokeshire’s economy and employment opportunities.”

Cllr David Simpson, Leader of Pembrokeshire Council, said: “The impact of Covid-19 has further heightened the importance of Pembroke Dock Marine, so the project’s approval is very welcome news for Pembrokeshire’s residents and businesses. Worth £73.5 million a year, Pembroke Dock Marine will also make our economy more resilient in future by transforming Pembrokeshire and the City Region as a whole into a global example of best practice for zero carbon, marine energy innovation. This project will place Pembrokeshire and the City Region at the heart of a growing global industry, helping further raise the region’s profile as a place to do business and invest in.”


Photo credit: J.Abbott

Notes to Editors

Pembroke Dock Marine

Pembroke Dock Marine is a £60m project that will create terrestrial and marine assets combined with research, development and innovation support to establish a world-class centre for marine energy and engineering. Located on the Milford Haven Waterway on Wales’ energy-rich west coast, Pembroke Dock Marine’s immediate focus will be on delivering solutions for the low carbon energy industry, with opportunities for wider application across the blue economic sectors. It is being delivered by ORE Catapult, Marine Energy Wales, the Port of Milford Haven and Wave Hub Limited. Pembroke Dock Marine is part funded by the £1.3 billion Swansea Bay City Deal, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, and part funded by private sector investment.

Port of Milford Haven

The Port of Milford Haven is the UK’s top energy port and Wales’ busiest port handling around 20% of Britain’s seaborne trade in oil and gas. It is widely recognised in the industry as the energy capital of the UK and is fast becoming home to the nascent marine energy industry. The Port, along with the cluster of energy-related businesses along the Waterway, is a key driver of economic activity in Pembrokeshire, attracting inward investment and supporting over 4,000 jobs. It is a trust port – an independent, commercially run organisation that has statutory responsibilities governed by its Acts, to maintain and improve navigation and the provision of Port and Harbour services and facilities.
For further information, visit or contact Anna Malloy 01646 696100.

Marine Energy Wales

Marine Energy Wales brings together technology developers, the supply chain, academia and the public sector to establish Wales as a global leader in sustainable marine energy generation, making a significant contribution to a low carbon economy. Marine Energy Wales is an initiative developed and managed by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum, a Community Interest Company that works to protect and enhance the coastal and marine environment for current and future generations.
For more information visit or contact Ruth Lovell 07748 735181.

Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

ORE Catapult was established in 2013 by the UK Government and is part of a network of Catapults set up by Innovate UK in high growth industries. It is the UK’s leading innovation centre for offshore renewable energy. Independent and trusted, with a unique combination of world-leading test and demonstration facilities and engineering and research expertise, ORE Catapult convenes the sector and delivers applied research, accelerating technology development, reducing risk and cost and enhancing UK-wide economic growth. Active throughout the UK, ORE Catapult has operations in Glasgow, Blyth, Levenmouth, Aberdeen, the Humber, the East of England, the South West and Wales and operates a collaborative research partnership in China.
For more information visit or contact Lee Madigan 07889 806490.

Wave Hub Limited

Wave Hub Ltd are the Third Party Managers of The Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone (PDZ), a 90km2 area of sea leased from the Crown Estate. The PDZ is located between 15 and 21 kilometres off the south Pembrokeshire coast with water depths of between 50-62 metres. It has the potential to; act as a catalyst in the establishment of a centre for low carbon, at sea, energy production in Wales; develop strategically enabling infrastructure to accelerate the development of offshore energy off of the coast of wales; enable the deployment of current and future energy generating technologies, up to a capacity of 180MW, to generate green electricity from the sea. The site benefits from a 10 m/s wind resource and offers excellent grid connection possibilities, including a 132kV grid supply point located on the coast, along with world-class deepwater port facilities and support services. Wave Hub Ltd has an office in the Marine Energy Hub in Pembroke Dock and plans to recruit two new members of staff in 2020. Wave Hub Ltd is working in partnership with Milford Haven Port Authority, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and Marine Energy Wales to secure funding for Pembroke Dock Marine and deliver the project over the next 3 years.
For more information visit or contact Jeanette Radcliffe on 01736 800290.


Bydd Hwb Morol Doc Penfro yn creu cartref newydd ar gyfer diwydiannau glas a gwyrdd yn dilyn cymeradwyo cyllid Bargen Ddinesig Bae Abertawe gwerth £60 miliwn

Mae cyhoeddiad Bargen Ddinesig Bae Abertawe yr wythnos diwethaf yn cael ei groesawu gan bartneriaid Hwb Morol Doc Penfro, Porthladd Aberdaugleddau, Ynni Morol Cymru, ORE Catapult, a Wave Hub Limited, a chaiff ei gefnogi hefyd gan Gyngor Sir Penfro. Mae’n sicrhau £60 miliwn ar gyfer Sir Benfro a daeth £28 miliwn gan Fargen Ddinesig Bae Abertawe a’r gweddill wedi’i ariannu’n rhannol gan Gronfa Datblygu Rhanbarthol Ewrop drwy Lywodraeth Cymru a buddsoddiad y sector preifat. Defnyddir y cyllid i sefydlu canolfan ragoriaeth o’r radd flaenaf ar gyfer ynni a pheirianneg forol ar gyfer cynllunio, profi, adeiladu a gweithredu dyfeisiau ynni morol, yn ogystal â defnydd ohonynt ar draws diwydiannau glas a gwyrdd eraill. O’i gartref ar Ddyfrffordd Aberdaugleddau, bydd Hwb Morol Doc Penfro yn dwyn ynghyd fynediad i ffynhonnell ynni, cadwyn gyflenwi tra medrus ac amrywiaeth o wasanaethau a gofodau newydd a fydd yn helpu datblygwyr i ostwng costau ynni morol drwy wneud y gorau o arloesedd ac effeithlonrwydd gweithredol.

Bydd pob un o’r pedwar partner yn darparu elfen wahanol o’r prosiect. Bydd Porthladd Aberdaugleddau’n darparu cyfleusterau porthladd wedi’u moderneiddio er mwyn cefnogi’r twf diwydiannol. Bydd ORE Catapult yn darparu Canolfan Ragoriaeth ar gyfer Ynni a Pheirianneg Forol (MEECE) er mwyn sbarduno ymchwil ac arloesi, bydd Ynni Morol Cymru yn creu Ardaloedd Profi Ynni Morol (META) gyda chydsyniad ymlaen llaw yn y Ddyfrffordd ar gyfer profi dyfeisiau cydrannau a graddfa, a bydd Wave Hub Ltd yn darparu Parth Arddangos Sir Benfro, ardal brofi ar y môr a gafodd gydsyniad ac sydd wedi’i gysylltu â’r grid.

Bydd ffocws Hwb Morol Doc Penfro yn y lle cyntaf ar gefnogi twf y technolegau gwynt arnofiol, tonnau a llanw gan ymchwilio i gyfleoedd oddi ar arfordir Cymru. Gyda thargedau sero net mewn golwg a’r posibilrwydd o sbarduno diwydiant allforio newydd, bydd Hwb Morol Doc Penfro yn ychwanegu gwerth at dargedau economaidd ac amgylcheddol y DU. Bydd yn sicrhau bod y rhanbarth mewn sefyllfa dda i gael cyfran sylweddol o’r farchnad fyd-eang hon.

Meddai Jess Hooper, Rheolwr Rhaglen Ynni Morol ar gyfer Ynni Morol Cymru “Mae META ar ben ffordd i ddod yn ganolfan genedlaethol ar gyfer profi yng Nghymru ac yn y pen draw bydd yn cynnwys cyfres o wyth o ardaloedd profi yn Nyfrffordd Aberdaugleddau gyda chydsyniad ymlaen llaw ac sydd heb eu cysylltu â’r grid. Gydag ardaloedd profi Cam 1 eisoes yn darparu hafan ar gyfer ynni morol, mae META yn galluogi datblygwyr dyfeisiau ynni adnewyddadwy morol i weithredu, dileu risg a datblygu o’u cydrannau i’w dyfeisiau mewn amgylchedd morol sy’n gymharol gysgodol ond sy’n dal i fod yn debyg i amgylchedd cefnfor. Fel rhan o’r prosiect Hwb Morol Doc Penfro ehangach, mae META yn edrych ymlaen at gyfrannu at y cvyfleoedd economi las y mae’r prosiect cyffrous hwn yn eu cynnig i Sir Benfro ac edrychwn ymlaen hefyd at ddatblygiad parhaus Sir Benfro fel canolfan o’r radd flaenaf ar gyfer ynni morol.”

Meddai Dr Stephen Wyatt, Cyfarwyddwr Ymchwil ac Arloesi Ynni Adnewyddadwy ORE Catapult, “Rydyn ni’n croesawu’r gymeradwyaeth hon yn fawr, gan y bydd yn ein galluogi i fwrw iddi gyda gwaith ein Canolfan Ragoriaeth ar gyfer Ynni a Pheirianneg Forol a sefydlu ein presenoldeb yn y rhanbarth yn y tymor hirach. Erbyn hyn, rydyn ni’n ymgysylltu’n ffurfiol â’n partneriaid academaidd – prifysgolion Abertawe, Caerdydd, Bangor a Phrifysgol Metropolitan Caerdydd. Mae hyd a lled eu gweithgarwch yn y maes ymchwil yn ategu arbenigedd ORE Catapult i’r dim yn y sector diwydiannol a’i wybodaeth am y farchnad. Gan gydweithio ag arloeswyr o Gymru a chwmnïau’r gadwyn gyflenwi, bydd MEECE yn arddangos a dilysu cynhyrchion, technoleaug a phrosesau newydd ym maes ynni morol, gan ddarparu cymorth parhaus gydag arloesi er mwyn lleihau costau a risgiau wrth i’r cynhyrchion hyn symud tuag at gael eu masnacheiddio, ac o gofio arbenigedd presennol Catapult ac arbenigedd ein partneriaid, mae MEECE mewn sefyllfa dda i ddarparu’r gwasanaeth hwnnw.”

Meddai Steve Jermy, Cadeirydd Gweithredol Wave Hub Ltd “Mae hon yn garreg filltir arwyddocaol ym mhrosiect Parth Arddangos Sir Benfro, a fydd yn sbarduno’r broses o sefydlu canolfan yng Nghymru ar gyfer cynhyrchu ynni carbon isel ar y môr. Rydyn ni’n teimlo’n gyffrous gan y byddwn ni’n cydweithio â’n partneriaid er mwyn datblygu seilwaith galluogi strategol i gyflymu’r gwaith o ddatblygu ynni adnewyddadwy ar y môr yng Nghymru, i gefnogi technolegau cynhyrchu ynni yn y dyfodol a chynhyrchu trydan gwyrdd o’r môr. Wrth symud ymlaen, rydyn ni’n edrych ymlaen at groesawu staff newydd i Ddoc Penfro, i ymuno â thîm datblygu prosiect Wave Hub.”

Meddai Andy Jones, Prif Weithredwr Porthladd Aberdaugleddau, “Mae hwn yn benderfyniad hollbwysig i Sir Benfro, sydd wedi ei wneud yn bosibl gan Ddinas-Ranbarth Bae Abertawe a Chronfa Datblygu Rhanbarthol Ewrop. Ochr yn ochr â buddsoddiad sylweddol gan y Porthladd, bydd Bargen Ddinesig Bae Abertawe yn cefnogi’r gwaith o foderneiddio seilwaith ein porthladd er mwyn sicrhau y gall datblygwyr weithredu mor effeithlon â phosibl gan eu galluogi i ostwng costau ynni a helpu i gyrraedd targedau sero net. Rydyn ni’n cydnabod y gwerth i ddiwydiannau eraill hefyd a chyfraniad y y prosiect hwn at y gwaith o annog mwy o gydweithredu ac arloesi yn y rhanbarth. Rydyn ni’n ystyried hyn yn gam mawr ymlaen ac edrychwn ymlaen at gydweithio â datblygwyr wrth iddyn nhw ymchwilio i fanteision y sylfaen newydd hwn. Ac, yn ein tro, rydyn ni’n croesawu’r effaith gadarnhaol y bydd y diwydiant newydd a chyffrous hwn yn ei chael ar economi a chyfleoedd cyflogaeth Sir Benfro.”

Yn ôl y Cynghorydd David Simpson, Arweinydd Cyngor Sir Benfro: “Mae effaith Covid-19 wedi amlygu pwysigrwydd Hwb Morol Doc Penfro ymhellach, felly mae’r ffaith bod y prosiect wedi’i gymeradwyo yn newyddion y mae trigolion a busnesau Sir Benfro yn ei groesawu’n fawr. Bydd Hwb Morol Doc Penfro, sy’n werth £73.5 miliwn y flwyddyn, yn golygu y bydd ein heconomi yn fwy gwydn yn y dyfodol wrth i Sir Benfro a’r Ddinas-Ranbarth gyfan gael eu trawsnewid a’u gwneud yn esiampl o arfer gorau byd-eang ar gyfer arloesi ynni morol di-garbon. Gan fod cam un yr Ardal Brofi Ynni Morol eisoes wedi agor y llynedd, rydyn ni nawr yn barod, ac wedi ymroi’n llwyr i fynd ati ar unwaith i gydweithio â’n partneriaid er mwyn cyflawni’r prosiect. Bydd y prosiect hwn yn sicrhau bod Sir Benfro a’r Ddinas-Ranbarth wrth wraidd diwydiant byd-eang sy’n tyfu’n gyflym, gan helpu i godi proffil y rhanbarth fe lle ar gyfer busnes a buddsoddi.”

Nodiadau i Olygyddion

Hwb Morol Doc Penfro

Mae Hwb Morol Doc Penfro yn brosiect gwerth £60 miliwn a fydd yn creu asedau ar y tir ac asedau morol ynghyd a chymorth ar gyfer gwaith ymchwil, datblygu ac arloesi er mwyn sefydlu canolfan o’r radd flaenaf ar gyfer ynni a pheirianneg forol. Mae Hwb Morol Doc Penfro yn Nyfrffordd Aberdaugleddau ar un o arfordiroedd gorllewinol cyfoethocaf Cymru o ran ynni, a bydd yn canolbwyntio yn y lle cyntaf ar ganfod atebion ar gyfer y diwydiant ynni carbon isel, gyda chyfleoedd i’w defnyddio’n ehangach ledled y sectorau economaidd glas. Mae’n cael ei ddarparu gan ORE Catapult, Ynni Morol Cymru, Porthladd Aberdaugleddau a Wave Hub Limited. Caiff Hwb Morol Doc Penfro ei gyllido’n rhannol gan Fargen Ddinesig Bae Abertawe sy’n werth £1.3 biliwn, gyda chyllid rhannol gan Gronfa Datblygu Rhanbarthol Ewrop drwy Lywodraeth Cymru, a chyllid rhannol gan fuddsoddiad o’r sector preifat.

Porthladd Aberdaugleddau

Mae Porthladd Aberdaugleddau yn un o brif borthladdoedd y DU ar gyfer ynni a dyma borthladd prysuraf Cymru gan ymdrin ag oddeutu 20% o’r masnach olew a nwy a gludir ar y môr ym Mhrydain. Caiff ei gydnabod yn eang yn y diwydiant fel canolfan ynni’r DU ac mae’n prysur droi’n gartref i’r diwydiant ynni morol newydd. Mae’r Porthladd, ynghyd a’r clwstwr o fusnesau sy’n ymwneud ag ynni ar lan y Ddyfrffordd, yn un o ysgogwyr allweddol gweithgarwch economaidd yn Sir Benfro, gan ddenu mewnfuddsoddiad a chefnogi 4,000 a mwy o swyddi. Mae’n borthladd ymddiriedolaethol – sefydliad annibynnol a gynhelir yn fasnachol sydd â chyfrifoldebau statudol a lywodraethir gan ei Ddeddfau, i gynnal a gwella mordwyaeth a darparu gwasanaethau a chyfleusterau Porthladd a Harbwr.
Am ragor o wybodaeth, ewch i neu ffoniwch Anna Malloy ar 01646 696100.

Ynni Morol Cymru

Mae Ynni Morol Cymru yn dod â datblygwyr technoleg, y gadwyn gyflenwi, y byd academaidd a’r sector cyhoeddus ynghyd i sefydlu Cymru fel arweinydd byd-eang mewn cynhyrchu ynni morol cynaliadwy, gan wneud cyfraniad sylweddol at economi carbon isel. Mae Ynni Morol Cymru yn fenter a ddatblygwyd ac a reolir gan Fforwm Arfordir Sir Benfro, Cwmni Budd Cymunedol sy’n gweithio i amddiffyn a gwella’r amgylchedd arfordirol a morol ar gyfer cenedlaethau’r presennol a’r dyfodol.
Am ragor o wybodaeth ewch i neu cysylltwch â Ruth Lovell 07748 735181.

Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

Sefydlwyd ORE Catapult yn 2013 gan Lywodraeth y DU ac mae’n rhan o rwydwaith o Gatapyltiau a sefydlwyd gan Innovate UK mewn diwydiannau twf uchel. Dyma ganolfan arloesi arweiniol y DU ar gyfer ynni adnewyddadwy ar y môr. Mae ORE Catapult yn gwmni annibynnol uchel ei barch, ac mae ganddo gyfuniad unigryw o gyfleusterau profi ac arddangos mwyaf blaenllaw’r byd ac arbenigedd ym maes peirianneg a gwaith ymchwil. Mae’r cwmni’n dwyn y sector ynghyd, darparu gwaith ymchwil cymhwysol, cyflymu’r broses o ddatblygu technoleg, lleihau risgiau a chostau a gwella twf economaidd ledled y DU. Mae ORE Catapult yn weithredol ledled y DU, ac mae ganddo weithrediadau yn Glasgow, Blyth, Levenmouth, Aberdeen, afon Humber, dwyrain Lloegr, de-orllewin Lloegr a Chymru ac mae’n gweithredu partneriaeth ymchwil gydweithredol yn Tsieina.
Am ragor o wybodaeth ewch i neu ffoniwch Lee Madigan ar 07889 806490.

Wave Hub Limited

Mae Wave Hub Limited yn Rheolwyr Trydydd Parti ar gyfer Parth Arddangos Sir Benfro, ardal 90 cilomedr2 o fôr a roddwyd ar brydles gan Ystad y Goron. Mae Parth Arddangos Sir Benfro rhwng 15 a 21 cilomedr oddi ar arfordir de Sir Benfro lle mae dyfnder y môr rhwng 50 a 62 metr. Mae ganddo’r potensial i; weithredu fel catalydd wrth sefydlu canolfan carbon isel, yn y môr, cynhyrchu ynni yng Nghymru; datblygu seilwaith galluogi strategol er mwyn cyflymu’r broses o ddatblygu ynni ar y môr oddi ar arfordir Cymru; galluogi’r defnydd o dechnolegau cynhyrchu ynni nawr ac yn y dyfodol, hyd at gapasiti o 180MW, i gynhyrchu trydan gwyrdd o’r môr. Mae’r safle’n elwa ar adnodd gwynt 10 m/s ac mae’n cynnig posibiliadau gwych ar gyfer cysylltu â’r grid, gan gynnwys pwynt cyflenwi grid 132kV ar yr arfordir, ynghyd â chyfleusterau porthladd dwfn a gwasanaethau cymorth o’r radd flaenaf. Mae gan Wave Hub Ltd swyddfa yn y Hyb Ynni Morol yn Noc Penfro a’r bwriad yw recriwtio dau aelod staff newydd yn 2020. Mae Wave Hub Ltd yn gweithio mewn partneriaeth ag Awdurdod Porthladd Aberdaugleddau, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult ac Ynni Morol Cymru er mwyn sicrhau cyllid ar gyfer Hwb Morol Doc Penfro a chyflawni’r prosiect dros y tair blynedd nesaf.
Am ragor o wybodaeth ewch i neu ffoniwch Jeanette Radcliffe ar 01736 800290.


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