Updated Statement 13:00: Oil Pollution Incident


Mike Ryan, Harbourmaster at the Port of Milford Haven, said:

“A multi-agency response is underway at the Port of Milford Haven following an oil pollution incident in which an as yet unknown quantity of petroleum product was reported to have leaked from a jetty off Valero Pembroke Refinery overnight.

Valero have confirmed that the leak, which was reported to the Port just after midnight, has been contained.

Observers from the Port of Milford Haven’s oil response team identified some signs of the spill, in the form of a light sheen, on waters close to Valero, and the Port vessel ’Sea Sweep’, which has been patrolling throughout the night, has collected an  amount of oil.  Booms are being deployed as a precaution and Pembrokeshire County Council and MCA survey teams are monitoring shores on the north and south of the Waterway for any signs of oil making landfall, although none has yet been found.

All shipping was halted while an initial evaluation of the situation was being made, however vessels are now moving as normal.”

Andrea Winterton, Operations Manager from Natural Resources Wales said:

“Our officers have been working with Milford Haven Port Authority, and other organisations, taking action to reduce the impact of an oil spill in the waterway.

Beach surveys are being undertaken, and as a precautionary measure, booms will be deployed to protect the salt marshes around Sandy Haven, and also possibly at the Gann Estuary.

Investigations into the spill are ongoing, and we are talking with Valero who are supporting our enquiries.”

Members of the public are asked to be aware, avoid any beached oil if they discover it (particularly if they have dogs) and contact the Natural Resources Wales incident hotline on 03000 653000 if they become aware of any pollution on shore.


For further information contact:

Anna Malloy
Port of Milford Haven
01646 696100

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