The Board

The Board

Currently, the Milford Haven Port Authority Act 2002 provides for a board consisting of a non-executive Chairman, up to nine other non-executive members and up to three executive members (currently the Interim Chief Executive and the Engineering Director). The Chairman is appointed by the Secretary of State and all other non-executive appointments are made by the Port, three of which are made in close consultation with Pembrokeshire County Council.

Non-executive members in all categories are sought so as to provide a mix of experience and expertise in areas including, but not exclusive to, port management, shipping, navigation, environmental conservation, finance, commerce, local government and organised labour.

The Board meets regularly (at least six times a year) and is accountable for the proper exercise of the Port's statutory functions, the identification and setting of business policies, the delivery of port and harbour services, as well as the provision of oversight and direction in relation to the safety of operations and the financial performance of all activities. 

Non-Executive Directors
Chris Martin, Chair
Chris Martin
Andrew Edwards, Non-Executive Director
Andrew Edwards
Vice Chair
Rick Squires, Non-Executive Director
Rick Squires
Non-Executive Director
Anne Jessopp, Non-Executive Director
Anne Jessopp
Non-Executive Director
Ian Shipperley CBE CEng FIMechE, Non-Executive Director
Ian Shipperley
Non-Executive Director
Debra Williams, Non-Executive Director
Debra Williams
Non-Executive Director
Steve Phillips, Non-Executive Director
Steve Phillips
Non-Executive Director


 Executive Directors
Andy Jones, Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director
Andy Jones
Interim Chief Executive and Executive Director
Tim Bownes, Engineering Director and Executive Director
Tim Bownes
Engineering Director and Executive Director