1. MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, on Tuesday 2nd July, a post plough survey will be undertaken at Valero Pembrokeshire Oil Terminal (VPOT) of berths 2 & 3.
  2. The vessel “SHORELINE”, a 7-metre length overall (LOA), call sign 2EUL9, will be undertaking the survey operations. She will be showing the day shapes and/ or lights as per the appropriate regulations and maintaining listening watch on VHF12.
  3. The work is being completed within VPOT’s berth boxes, operations will be on hold during arrival or departure of vessels for both berths. Master to confirm movements with VTS prior commencing and again on completion.   
  4. For further details please contact Milford Haven VTS on:
    1. VHF channel 12
    2. Telephone 01646 696100
    3. Email vts@mhpa.co.uk
  5. Admiralty Charts 3274, Imray Y26 & 2600 ATLAS refer.
  6. This Notice will self-cancel at 2359hrs 2nd July 2024.


Port of Milford Haven
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Milford Haven
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Tel: 01646 696100
Email: enquiries@mhpa.co.uk