1. MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, on or about Tuesday 25th June for approximately 1 month a large test barge will be moored within the META Offshore Jetty area, Port of Pembroke approx. position 51°41.98’N 004°57.67’W.
  2. The barge will be connected to the mooring equipment referred to in NTM 079 of 2024 and lit with one all-round white light at night.
  3. Mariners should be aware that there is a 50m exclusion zone around the barge and should navigate with caution avoiding the area while the barge is in position.
  4. Admiralty charts 3274 and IMRAY Y26 and 2600 atlas refer.
  5. For details and updates on operations contact Milford Haven VTS on VHF Ch12 or 01646 696136/7.
  6. This Notice will be cancelled when the barge is removed.


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