1. MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, between 24th-27th June 2024, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) will be undertaking surveys of the Intertidal Seagrass within Milford Haven using the Ultralight Hovercraft “Inspector B”.
  2. Surveys will take place over a low water tidal window 3hr- Low water 3hrs+ on each day, operating in Angle Bay (Eastern End), Pembroke River, Pembroke Dock, Cresswell and the upper Cleddau towards Picton Point (see map):

  3. Launch/Recovery Sites are Angle Bay / Bentlass Pembroke River / Cosheston Watersports Centre / Lawrenny / Black Tar / Sandy Haven / Hobbs Point, dependent on survey location and weather conditions.
  4. “Inspector B” is a lightweight Hovercraft, 5m LOA and operating with 3 POB. Vessel to maintain listing watch on VHF12 and will report to VTS on commencement and completion of survey operations.  
  5. For further details please contact Milford Haven VTS on:
    1. VHF channel 12
    2. Telephone 01646 696100
    3. Email vts@mhpa.co.uk
  6. Admiralty Charts 2878, 3273, 3274, Imray Y26 & 2600 ATLAS refer.
  7. This Notice will self-cancel at 2359/27 June 2024.


Port of Milford Haven
Gorsewood Drive
Milford Haven
SA73 3EP

Tel: 01646 696100
Email: enquiries@mhpa.co.uk