1.  MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, DINGHY RACING AND YACHT RACING will take place in Milford Haven Waterway on Saturday 15th June 2024.

 2.  Racing will start at Neyland Yacht Club (approximate position 51˚ 42’54” N, 004˚ 56’54” W); with the yacht race heading upstream to Lawrenny and return to Neyland before heading to the Dakotian buoy, back up to Lawrenny and finish at Neyland.

 3.  Dinghy racing will be conducted between the Cleddau Bridge and Wear Spit consisting of 6 laps, please see attached chartlet.

 4.  Approximately 15 Dinghies will be taking part.

 5.  Approximately 10 Yachts will be taking part.

 6.  Racing will start around 08:30 hrs. and finish around 18:00 hrs.

 7.  The committee boat will monitor VHF Channel 12 at all times and participating vessels will not impede the passage of commercial traffic.

 8.  For further detail on the location of racing activity please contact Milford Haven VTS on:

            i. VHF Channel 12
           ii. Telephone 01646 696137
          iii. Email vts@mhpa.co.uk

 9.  Admiralty Charts 3274, 3275 and Imray Y26 and Y2600 Atlas refer.

10.  This notice will self-cancel at 2359hrs on Saturday 15th June 2024.


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