1. MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, from 22nd April 2024 for approximately 3 months, a Jack Up Barge (JUB) will be located close to the East side of the Mid Channel Rock Beacon in approx. position 51 40’18.8 N; 005 09’49.6W, whilst the Beacon undergoes refurbishment.
  2. During these works the Beacon light will be relocated approx. 30m to the West in position 51 40’18.8N; 005 09’48.4W, retaining characteristics. There is expected to be no change to weather data from this station.
  3. During the works there will be several smaller work boats in the immediate area and on transit to and from Milford Docks, all showing the appropriate lights and shapes as per the regulations.
  4. Diving on the Beacon will be running simultaneously.
  5. Mariners are instructed to give the Beacon and works a wide berth of 100m and pass at a speed to minimise wash.
  6. Admiralty Chart 2878 (Approaches), 3273 (Entrance), 3274 (West Haven), and Imray Y26 & 2600 ATLAS refer.
  7. This notice will be cancelled when all works are completed.


Port of Milford Haven
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