1.  MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, revision J of the Entry and Departure Guidelines has now been published on the Port's Website. Please remove any old additions and replace with latest version.

2.  Amendments include.

       a.  The update of Control Depths following latest survey.
       b.  Addition of Pembroke Workboat Pontoons as a new berth (see below chart).
       c.  Clarification around requirement for SWL of Active Escort strong points and leads.



3.  To use Pembroke Workboat Pontoons, contact Pembroke Port for access. Pontoons consist of 5 individual pontoons, located immediately South of Ferry terminal and are named A through E, from West to East. Individually they can take vessels up to 20m LOA, A&B and C&D can be used together to take vessels up to 40m LOA. See guidelines for further details and restrictions.

4.  Admiralty Charts 2878, 3273, 3274, Imray Y26 & 2600 ATLAS refer and will be updated in due course.

5.  NtM 008 of 2024 - 2023 Survey Updated control Depths for Berths is now cancelled.


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