1. Following a successful consultation with stakeholders, it has been decided that, given the contours of the seabed within the Haven, the location of the South Hook South Cardinal Buoy (Q(6)+LFl.15s), in approx. position: 51°41.83’N 005°06.09’W, indicates a natural dogleg which mariners must navigate. However, a significant proportion of arriving and departing commercial traffic can safely pass between NORTH of South Hook Buoy and SOUTH of S2 (Q.R) in approx. position 51°41.94’N 005°05.78’W and S4 (Q.R) in approx. position 51°41.94’N 005°05.47’W buoys.
  2. MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, a temporary trial area has been established within the area bounded by the following co-ordinates (and as shown by the red hatched area on the chartlet below):
    1. 51o90843’N, 005o 05.13198’W
    2. 51o93091’N, 005o 05.46723’W
    3. 51o93694’N, 005o 05.77955’W
    4. 51o87870’N, 005o 08.13228’W
  3. The control depth for the Trial Area is 11.1m.
  4. From the date of issue of this Notice up to and including 30th June 2024 all vessels arriving and departing, whose draft and minimum safe under-keel clearance allows, may request to transit north of South Hook Buoy through the Trial Area.
  5. It is important that any vessel intending to use the Trial Area should inform VTS at the earliest opportunity of their intention to “pass north of South Hook Buoy” and also when passing either Reporting Point “D” (West Channel) or Reporting Point “E” (East Channel) inbound, or Reporting Point “H” (Cunjic buoy) outbound. Should mariners be in any doubt regarding the correct use of this Trial Area, they must contact VTS in advance of committing to pass north of the South Hook Buoy and obtain clearance to transit.
  6. This Notice does not affect the requirement for mariners to navigate via the South Channel when South Hook berths are occupied, should the vessel's size and draft require, taking into account the prevailing conditions and shipping situation.
  7. Once the trial period has concluded (30th June 2024) and following feedback on its benefit, this new routing procedure may be made permanent, in which case the South Hook Buoy will be changed from a South Cardinal Mark.
  8. Please contact Milford Haven VTS on:
    1. VHF: channel 12
    2. Email: vts@mhpa.co.uk
    3. Telephone: 01646 696100
  9. This notice will self-cancel 2359, 30th June 2024.


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