1. MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, from 27th January for approximately 6 weeks, the Jack Up Barge (JUB) Causeway Giant 1, will be undertaking Geophysical and Geotechnical Survey work by taking core samples in three areas around Pembroke Port (see chart below).

2. The “CAUSEWAY GIANT 1” is a JUB with dimensions of 18m x 12m x 1.5m and will be supported by the Tug “OCEAN BATTLER” (20 bpt, 19m LOA) and the 9m RHIB “TORNADO”. The Ocean Battler will tow Causeway Giant from alongside to the Survey/drill locations.  Additionally, towed surveys of the area will be undertaken. 

3. All vessels will show appropriate day shapes and lights at night as prescribed in the regulations and maintain contact with VTS on VHF Ch12.

4. The surveys will take place in three areas. 11 bore sites at GATE 1, (South of and behind PDFT berth line); 10 bore sites around OFFSHORE JETTY, (East of Llanion North Cardinal Buoy); and one bore site located approximately 100m Northeast of Carr Jetty.  The Causeway Giant will be approximately 24hrs at each bore hole location.  Timing and movements to be closely coordinated with Jetty Operators and VTS.  

5. For further details please contact Milford Haven VTS on:

i. VHF channel 12
ii. Email: vts@mhpa.co.uk

6. Admiralty Charts 3274 (East Haven), Imray Y26 & 2600 ATLAS refer.

7. This Notice will be cancelled when operations are completed.


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