1.  MARINERS ARE HEREBY REMINDED that, the following Notices to Mariners, in addition to the Annual Standing Notice Mariners, remain in force:

       No. 13 of 2019 Milford Haven Fisherman’s Pontoon
       No. 14 of 2022 Sanctions on Russian Vessels
       No. 120 of 2022 Newton Noyes Pier Lights Unreliable
       No. 178 of 2023 Hobbs Point Offshore Jetty Unlit
       No. 177 of 2023 Milford Docks Approach Leading Lights, Front Blue Leading Light Extinguished
       No. 173 of 2023 Wave / Weather Data Buoys near Mid Channel Rock Beacon and Turbot Bank
       No. 172 of 2023 Valero Jetty (Western Roadway) Submerged Water Suction Pumps
       No. 150 of 2023 Neyland Yacht Haven Dredging Operations
       No. 143 of 2023 META Test Buoy Deployment at Criterion Jetty
       No. 138 of 2023 East Pickard Bay, Exocubes deployment
       No. 95 of 2023 South Hook Water Quality Sensor Equipment
       No. 53 of 2023 Updated Guidance Regarding the Use of Dale Roads Anchorage by Commercial Vessels
       No. 22 of 2023 PDFT Tide Gauge Out of Service
       No. 18 of 2023 Mooring Lines to be Deployed Within the META Dale Roads Test Site

2.  Milford Haven Port Authority General Directions 2016 refer.

3.  Refer to the MHPA website (www.mhpa.co.uk) for all Annual Standing Notices (Nos 01 to 27).

4.  All other Notices to Mariners issued prior to the date of this notice are hereby cancelled.


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