Port of Milford Haven

Enjoying the Milford Haven Waterway

The Milford Haven Waterway is a deep water estuary on the west coast of the UK. It offers 22 miles of sheltered navigable waters and is a haven for marine leisure activities.

A journey up river takes you from open sea along the banks of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park through dramatic industrial infrastructure before joining the park once in the tranquil upper reaches. Along the way you'll encounter Naval forts, pretty beaches, waterside villages and towns and interesting wildlife.


The waterway has prime conditions for a diverse range of activities, the most popular of which are sailing and motor-boating. To find out more please visit our activities pages.


Safety is the Port's key priority. This is a busy environment which has both leisure and commercial users (to find out about vessel movements on the waterway please see Vessels Arriving and Vessels at Berth).

By understanding your environment you can enjoy a fun and trouble free day out. Our safety pages offer a guide which should be used alongside specialist information about your chosen activity.

Milford Haven Recreation Plan

Every five years, the Port of Milford Haven produces the Milford Haven Waterway Recreation Plan which outlines the management of the Haven’s recreational opportunities. It offers a clear guidance as to how the Port of Milford Haven actively engages with the Waterway’s community stakeholders and partner organisations in the delivery of a sustainable approach to water-borne recreation.

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