Ground Investigations at Pembroke Port commence

Over the coming weeks we’ll be carrying out ground investigation works at Pembroke Port, Criterion Quay and the immediate waterway environment.

The works involve a series of surveys and will be co-ordinated by specialist operator, Causeway Geotech. Helping to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment for future developments, the works include a benthic survey (to identify any important marine wildlife and habitats) and borehole drilling to better understand the composition of the seabed.

What will you see? The surveying will start at Pembroke Port and Criterion Quay immediately, running 7 days a week until the end of February, during a standard working day. At the end of January, the work will start afloat. You will be able to spot a jack up barge in the area and a few other workboats. These works will operate on a 24 hour basis, also completing by the end of February. (If you are a marine leisure user please watch out for associated Notice to Mariners.)

Why we are doing the works: We are getting Pembrokeshire ready to host and capture the benefits from the emerging floating offshore wind (FLOW) and marine renewables industries. These works are helping inform the development of deep-water dockside facilities that the industry needs, in turn, making the Waterway the closest, best equipped and deepest port to the Celtic Sea.

We do not anticipate any significant noise levels associated with these works. But please do contact us on if you have any concerns.