Working with the Port of Milford Haven

The Port of Milford Haven works with a diverse range of contractors and suppliers who help support the Port throughout its operations.

This includes suppliers of all types and sizes at local, national and international locations. It is important to us that our suppliers meet or exceed our minimum standards and performance expectations and understand our commitments. The Port strives for continual improvement and when selecting who we work with we want to be transparent throughout the process and also demonstrate value for money. As a Trust Port we want our suppliers to reflect our values and help us achieve our corporate objectives. We also strive to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our buying and sourcing solutions.

New suppliers/contractors

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to the Port of Milford Haven, please contact the Port’s Procurement Manager to register your interest by emailing

Please note that registering your interest does not pre-qualify you as a supplier or guarantee you will be contacted to supply goods or services to the Port of Milford Haven. We undertake a comprehensive qualification process prior to awarding any supplier a contract or works. Suppliers will be subject to due diligence before engagement and during the engagement.

How to become an approved contractor

Approved Contractor selection is based on overall value for money to ensure the most economically advantageous contracts and surety of supply. There are a number of other criteria we evaluate including quality, reliability, safety, service and maintenance.

Potential Approved contractors must demonstrate their financial, commercial and technical capability to meet our contractual requirements. We also look for a clear demonstration of commitment to Health and Safety standards.

If you are an existing supplier and are interested in becoming approved please email