Pembroke Port

Pembroke Port

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Pembroke Port offers a flexible and professional service for diverse projects and cargoes.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can deliver a package tailored to your needs.

Pembroke Port facilities and services:

  • Bunkering (afloat or on-quay)
  • Lay-down areas
  • Alongside lay-by
  • Specialist services including specialist riggers/lashers
  • Experienced labour available 24/7
  • Explosives licence
  • Workboats
  • Crane barges
  • Full ship building and repairing facilities - on slipways and alongside repair

Ferry Terminal facilities:

Established as the main UK-Ireland connection, the ro-ro ferry terminal is currently used by Irish Ferries for their twice daily sailing to Rosslare.

Facilities include:

  • Specialist freight handling equipment
  • Expertise for unaccompanied trailer traffic
  • Two-tier loading capability
  • Passenger Terminal - incorporating a ticket office, refreshment facility and Tourist Information centre
Jetty or Quay Quay Length Max. Length of Vessel Design Depth Control Depth (as at 11th Dec 2013)
GATE 1 Quay 1 180m 168m 6.7m 6.3m
GATE 1 Quay 2 100m 96m 5.5m 4.9m
GATE 1 Quay 3 65m 30m 3.0m 2.9m
Gate 1 Ro-Ro       1.2m
GATES 2 & 3
Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal
190m 185m 6.8m 6.7m
GATE 4 Slipway 1 78m (18.5m beam)    
GATE 4 Slipway 2 (cradle) SWL 150 tonnes 88m (9m beam)    
GATE 4 Carr Jetty 2 berths 151m 5.2 - 9.7m  

Control depths are subject to survey, check Notices to Mariners regularly to ensure your records are accurate.