Legal & Insurance

Legal & Insurance

Maritime modelling

Our Marine Navigation Suite is a key tool in conducting incident reviews, insurance risk assessments and incident prevention exercises.

Recreation of precise conditions

For maritime modelling, including ship to ship and ship to shoreline or fixed infrastructure interactions we can create the precise conditions of a given situation – allowing you to assess liability. We can also replicate incidents with alternate variables to help assess if alternate outcomes were possible, or to help prevent future incidents.

Assessing risk

Or we can help you assess risk. Our system can create thousands of different shipping scenarios with single or multiple vessels, extensive environmental conditions and different buildings and infrastructure – anywhere in the world.

3D modelling

Our 3D modelling allows you to see the scenario from all angles. And, it allows you to repeatedly view the same incident, from every possible perspective – ensuring the most accurate situation assessment is possible.

Fully tailored service

You don’t even need to be onsite. We’ll work with you to ensure the suite is modelled accurately and then we’ll run as many scenarios as you need to demonstrate risk or liability. Scenarios are recorded and are supplied to you with a written report outlining all the parameters. Post-exercise consultation is also available.