Tender Opportunities

Tender Opportunities

Development of Multi-Use Venue and Restaurant - Works Contract

The project is a brown field site redevelopment which will restore and repurpose what is currently a vacant and redundant building bringing it back into daily use and transforming it into a social and cultural hub for the town and surrounding area. Once redeveloped, the Quay Stores will deliver a multi-use venue providing an auditorium in excess of 1000m² with an adjoining restaurant/small event venue/leisure/retail offer.

The Authority is seeking a Contractor to deliver the project and to this end is undertaking a single procurement exercise which encompasses a two phase approach. The successful Tenderer will be appointed to the first phase under an NEC3 Professional Services Contract to provide early contractor involvement (ECI) services working with the Authority’s design team to review and advise upon the design which is currently being developed. As part of the ECI phase output, the appointed Contractor will develop a construction price. Subject to agreement of this price and terms, the Contractor will be appointed under a separate second phase NEC3 Option A Engineering and Construction Contract to construct the works.

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