Success Stories

Success Stories

“This scholarship placement has been so beneficial in giving me a great idea for the type of career I would love to have in the future. The level of work and experience I have had from the 3 weeks I have been here has been incredible and something I’m not sure I would have had the chance to have experienced somewhere else. I am so thankful for the opportunity and the skills that it has given me for the future.”

Isobel Coombe, worked with the Stakeholder Engagement and Communications department, 2019. 

“When I won the scholarship I was over the moon. I’d done the theory at uni but it was a chance to put it all together in the context of work in a professional environment. The scholarship has been an opportunity to work on a project in a department that I’m really interested in; to get a feel for the kind of career I could pursue when I graduate; to meet contacts in my field and to come away from it feeling like I’ve actually made a valuable contribution. The staff have all been amazing, so helpful and supportive, and I’d definitely recommend the placement to anyone who’s looking for some worthwhile experience to supplement their studies.”

Jannah Kehoe, worked with the Special Area of Conservation Officer, 2019

"The scholarship programme was enjoyable and beneficial from beginning to end. I was assigned to the Engineering department on a project that was insightful and interesting, as it showed how the knowledge I had obtained over my first year at university could be applied in real world situations. Overall the Port’s scholarship scheme is a fantastic opportunity as it provides you with financial help and gives you invaluable experience in a working environment, setting you up for post university life.”

Danielle Rowe, Scholarship Scheme Award 2014/15

"The Port of Milford Haven Scholarship Scheme is a unique, highly valuable and consistently interesting experience to be able to be involved in. The application and interview processes were a fantastic way to build confidence and apply skills to a panel interview – great experience for the future. Whilst the financial aspect of the scheme was undoubtedly helpful, personally the most important and engaging aspect of the scheme was the four-week work placement. I was involved in a wide range of activities, gained an invaluable insight into the day-to-day projects and activities of the Port, and produced a presentation tailored to my degree and interests. Overall the experience was thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end and a fantastic experience going forward into my future career."
Catherine Martin, Scholarship Scheme Award 2013/2014

"The Port of Milford Haven’s Scholarship Scheme offered me a great variety of experience and a thorough insight into the day-to-day functioning of a business. Having been given an overview of some of the operations that occur at the Port, I was assigned an engineering project which allowed me to utilise some of the knowledge obtained through University and apply this to a genuine assignment. As well as the cash bursary awarded, which has made my time at University significantly easier, I feel that the interview and application process provided me with valuable experience and a key set of skills that will hold good stead for future employment opportunities."

Lukas Weber, Scholarship Scheme Award 2013/2014

"The scholarship scheme has given me an excellent opportunity to experience the diverse range of operations that take place at the Port; from cruise ship calls and shipping operations, to engineering project management. The application and interview process was a good insight into the skills required in a competitive job market, and the placement has given me the chance to apply both technical knowledge and cross-disciplinary skills to a project of genuine importance to the Port, which will certainly be valuable in the future. The bursary was also of great assistance in the pursuit of my triathlon career alongside my studies, removing a great deal of the associated financial pressure and allowing me to compete at the highest possible level".

Luke Watson, Scholarship Scheme Award 2012/2013

"Without the scholarship I would not have been able to purchase my own computer, which, in this day and age, would have been a severe handicap for any student. In the end, despite a protracted illness which interrupted my studies at Oxford, I graduated last year with a 2.1 in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, finishing with one of the highest 2.1 degrees in my year group. The help I received from the MHPA was invaluable to me in achieving this result. I am now beginning the second year of my PhD in stem cell gene therapy at Manchester University, and thoroughly enjoying being a scientist. I do hope the scholarship programme continues to give other students the helping hand it gave me."

University Challenge
Angharad O'Leary representing Manchester University on University Challenge

"Milford Haven Port Authority Scholarship scheme offered me invaluable support towards my ambition of becoming a professional harpist. Having attended Preseli Comprehensive School, I applied for the scholarship during my time as an undergraduate student at the Royal College of Music, London. I have since graduated with a BMus 1st Class Honours degree, and am now a Postgraduate Scholar at the Royal Academy of Music, and the Official Harpist to HRH The Prince of Wales. I would definitely encourage students of all ages from Pembrokeshire to apply for the Scholarship scheme as the committee and staff of Milford Haven Port Authority have always shown great enthusiasm and support towards my career over the past few years. Fulfilling and maintaining a life long ambition is about knowing which steps to take in order to achieve your goal. Milford Haven Port Authority Scholarship Scheme aims to offer support to the young people of Pembrokeshire in helping them to achieve their goals and ambitions, and I offer my most sincere thanks to the scheme for generously helping me to achieve mine."

Claire Jones, Official Harpist to HRH The Prince of Wales