Port of Milford Haven

Annual Report 2021: Safety & Security


We have now recorded a fifth year without employee lost time incidents (LTI). While it’s possible for us to look at our own record and see where we have improved our policies and procedures, we have also been looking at how we can measure our performance against other ports or similar businesses, in order to make further improvements.

With extensive construction work taking place at Milford Waterfront last year, it was important to ensure all contractors demonstrated best practice and safe systems of work. We have made it clear we value the public’s feedback on the way we handle our responsibilities. Again, much of our work on the culture of the organisation is focused on safety as a core value of the Port.

Port Security

The Port continues to maintain security readiness by adhering to the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. This requires close collaboration with partners on the Port Security Authority, a group comprised of Port Facility Security Officers (PFSOs) representing the key Waterway operations, the Department of Transport and other supporting agencies.

The Code does not state specific measures that each port and ship must take to ensure the safety of the facility against terrorism, due to the many different types and sizes of these facilities. Instead, it outlines a standardised, consistent framework for evaluating risk - enabling governments to offset changes in threat with changes in vulnerability for ships and port facilities. To ensure compliance, the Port Security Framework includes plans that cover:

  • Port facility security plans
  • PFSOs
  • Certain security equipment.

In addition, the requirements for our Port facilities include:

  • Monitoring and controlling access
  • Monitoring the activities of people and cargo
  • Ensuring security communications are readily available.

These plans are constantly reviewed, updated and approved by the Department for Transport. The security of our borders and the prevention of terrorism is the responsibility of the UK Border Force and Security Services. These services work daily with all main operators on the Haven to keep the Waterway secure.

There were no reported security incidents during 2021.

Increasingly, cyber security is an area of focus for our IT team. High profile cases of hackers penetrating business firewalls, either to hold data to ransom or to create disruption, have shown that we need to be vigilant. We have regular meetings with the National Cyber Security Centre and work with other ports to share information. As a critical link in the UK’s energy supply network, we are constantly applying security updates and working towards Cyber Security Plus accreditation.