Port Training

Applying navigation simulation to develop port skills

Operational precision

With the ability to accurately recreate ports all over the world, our marine navigation simulator suite is a key tool for the port industry.

The suite can recreate an extensive range of scenarios – from large vessel manoeuvring to multiple vessel activities. The suite offers bridge, tug and VTS simulators and can even operate real time – this incredible level of operational precision will help offer your team the best possible training.

Bringing teams together

You can see how your team operates together under the most trying circumstances – all in the safety of a ship simulator. We can carry out skills gap analysis to understand any weaknesses in your team – and can deliver the training to ensure everyone is fully operational. It can also be a helpful asset in establishing a new team member – allowing everyone to see how each other operates under pressure – but in a safe environment.

We can even bring together different agencies to work through exercises and gain a clearer understanding of each others' pressures and demands.

Industry standard training

As part of a port commitment to the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) we can create bespoke scenarios to train pilots in unusual and emergency manoeuvres. We can run escort tug training and smaller tug handling courses. We also run azipod appreciation courses. All in the simulated but exceptionally lifelike circumstances.

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