piSCES - complete


piSCES was an Interreg funded project (supported by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Cooperation programme). The Port of Milford Haven was one of four project partners delivering the piSCES project. There were two research and technology development partners (Telecommunications Software & Systems Group and Cardiff University) and two implementation partners (the Port of Milford Haven and Bord Iascaigh Mhara). 

It's focus was to use smart grid technologies to reduce the costs and carbon footprint of energy networks in the fish processing industry. This will be done through modelling the usage profile of their energy networks and optimising that against the wholesale energy market and any available onsite generation.

Completed in 2021, its legacy is an established smart energy cluster in Milford Waterfront. Locally produced renewable energy (in this case the solar on the dry dock) is now able to be shared equally amongst a number of buildings nearby. It is a special arrangement established by the energy charity ‘Energy Local’ with the energy supplier Octopus Energy. It allows for greater use of renewable energy and saves  money.

piSCES also developed software that allows scheduling of ice making according to when cheaper off-peak tariffs and/or renewable energy is available. This was also adopted by large fish processing sites in Ireland, saving huge amounts of money on their ice making and blast freezing processes. The idea being that we can optimise individual sites in this way and then create clusters of sites that can trade or share renewable energy between them, hence the clustering.

For more information, visit piSCES.