Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners No.078 of 2022 - Crane Barge Operations Valero Jetties



  1. MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, commencing the week of 1st August 2022, Crane barge operations from Wilcarry 1711 will take place at Valero berths 3 and 6 as well as at the Valero RoRo Berth, Mainstay North Wall and Port of Pembroke Quay 1.


  1. Barge Wilcarry 1711 will be equipped with a heavy lift crane and will carry out various lifting operations. The barge will be towed between the berths by tug Willpower or Willendeavour and be assisted by tug Willanne.


  1. Mariners are required to pass at slow speed and to navigate with caution when in the area.


  1. The tugs will maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch12 at all times during operations and manoeuvres.


  1. For details of heavy lift operations please contact Milford Haven VTS on 01646 696136/7.


  1. Admiralty chart 3274, 3275 and Imray Y26 & 2600 ATLAS refer.


  1. A further notice will be issued on the completion of the barge works.






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