Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners No.024 of 2022 - META  MEECE Test Buoy - Dale Roads


  1. MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, a temporary buoy carrying scientific equipment will be deployed in Dale Roads META area from 21st April 2022.

  2. The Buoy will be launched at Pembroke Port on 19th April, the Mooring anchors and buoys will be installed on 20th April and the Buoy will be towed to Dale Roads and installed on 21st April.

  3. The buoy is a modified version of a Hippomarine “25T Through Chain Mooring Buoy” with additional ballast and top platform. Dimensions are 4m diameter, 4.5 m height (plus equipment on top of the platform), and a dry mass of 8.13 tonnes including the 7m initial mooring riser and load shackles.

  4. The buoy will be secured at station using a 3-point mooring spread with a single riser. Water depth at the location is approximately 10m Chart Datum with a tidal range of around 8m.

  5. Two anchors are deployed facing into the predominant wave direction with an angle of 80° between anchors. The third anchor is sited opposing the seawards facing anchors towards the shore.

  6. In addition to the Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE) Test Buoy a DWR-G 90 cm Datawell Waverider Buoy with GPS sensor and HF-radio link will also be installed approximately 100 m into the seawards facing direction.

  7. Approx. positions of the Buoy and anchors as per Table 1:

    Table 1 - WGS 84 Deployment co-ordinates
    MEECE Buoy 51° 42.679'N   005° 7.419'W
    Anchor 1 51° 42.656'N   005° 7.480'W (heading from MEECE Buoy: 239°)
    Anchor 2 51° 42.638'N   005° 7.390'W (heading from MEECE Buoy: 157°)
    Anchor 3 51° 42.720'N   005° 7.386'W (heading from MEECE Buoy: 027°)
    Waverider Buoy 51° 42.640'N   005° 7.450'W (heading from MEECE Buoy: 206°)
  1. The buoy will remain in position for approximately 9 months. A further NtM will be issued when the buoy has been removed.

  2. Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in this area.

  3. Admiralty charts 3273, 3274 and Imray Y26 & 2600 ATLAS refer.





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