Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners No.005 of 2021 - Notices Remaining in Force (Supersedes No.003 of 2021)


1. MARINERS ARE HEREBY REMINDED that, the following Notices to Mariners remain in force:


No.032 of 2018: Datawell Directional Wave Survey Buoy
No.066 of 2018: Pembroke River Navigation Buoy Status
No.093 of 2018: Biological Survey Equipment


No.013 of 2019: Milford Haven Fisherman’s Pontoon
No.017 of 2019 (Amended): Marine Energy Test Area (META) Wave Buoy Deployments
No.124 of 2019: Marine Energy Test Area (META) Wave Buoy Deployment
No.125 of 2019: META02 Buoy Deployment
No.127 of 2019: Policy on the Use of Open Loop Scrubbers


No.010 of 2020: Control Depths
No.013 of 2020: Wuhan Novel Coronavirus
No.028 of 2020: Special Procedures For Pilot Embarkation
No.046 of 2020: Valero Jetty (East End) Small Boat Passage Clearance Height Partially Restricted
No.059 of 2020: Dale Point Light, Characteristics and Sectors Angles Incorrect

No.109 of 2020: Neyland Yacht Haven Dredging (this will self-cancel on 17.03.21)

No.119 of 2020: Coronavirus Guidance

No.120 of 2020: COVID-19 and Pilot Declaration of Health


2. Milford Haven Port Authority General Directions 2016 refer.


3. Refer to the MHPA website ( for all Annual Standing Notices (Nos.1 to 23).

4. All other Notices to Mariners issued prior to the date of this notice are hereby cancelled.




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