Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners No.094 of 2020 - Geophysical and Environmental Surveys Milford Haven and Approaches


1. MARINERS ARE HEREBY ADVISED that, geophysical and environmental surveys will now be continuing in the approaches to Milford Haven and in the East Channel until the end of October 2020.


2. Survey equipment will include Multibeam Echosounder, Sidescan Sonar, Sub-bottom profiler and Magnetometer, some of which will be towed sub-surface aft of the survey vessels.


3. Three survey vessels will be involved conducting the survey works. “ICENI SPIRIT” (nearshore geophysical); “SEREN LASS” (nearshore environmental) and “SEAZIP FIX” (both Offshore environmental and geophysical). They will display the relevant lights and shapes as prescribed by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and at all times, maintain a listening watch on VHF channels 12 & 16.


4. Surveys will be undertaken in the locations shown on the attached chartlet which refers to the Block Co-ordinate tables included (all positions approximate).


5. Mariners are required to navigate with caution in these areas, maintaining a 500m safety zone from “SEAZIP FIX” and a 100m safety zone from “SEREN LASS” & "ICENI SPIRIT" due to sub-surface towed equipment.


6. This notice will self-cancel at 23:59 on 31st October 2020.


7. Admiralty charts 2878, 3273, 3274 and Imray Atlas 2600 refer.



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