Port of Milford Haven

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Information


Milford Haven is one of the largest oil and gas ports in northern Europe with a traffic mix of crude oil carriers, refined product and LPG (liquid petroleum gas) shipping using the port to service the oil refinery Valero and the storage terminals of SemLogistics and Puma Energy. Along with a mix of other shipping traffic, including ferries, fishing and general cargo, the Port handled 37.8 million tonnes of cargo in 2015.

Added to this mix is the extra element of LNG (liquefied natural gas) ships. Dragon LNG and South Hook LNG, commissioned in the first half of 2009, have a capacity to supply up to 30% of the UK's gas requirements.

What follows is an overview, supported by some specific information on the way in which the Port of Milford Haven has been working to determine the way in which we handle LNG shipping, and its seamless introduction into systems, procedures, people and skills that are already applied to managing the third largest port in the UK.

The evidence based and systematically tested conclusion, of all the work that has been undertaken, is that we are confident that we can handle LNG shipping safely and efficiently along with all other users of the port. Some of the ways in which we have arrived at this confirmation are described below.

Risk Assessments

A large number of reports and risk assessments have been made use of by the Port of Milford Haven in planning for LNG shipping.

Some have been commissioned directly by the Port of Milford Haven, some by the LNG development teams themselves and made available to the Port and others have come from wider industry sources. Examples of some of the reports are given in this section.

To view the full risk assessments and reports please click the following links: