Port of Milford Haven

Environmental Management

Environmental Management Committee

The Environmental Management Committee (EMC) meets on alternate months and consists of members of the Port's Senior Management, Operational Managers, Marine Managers and staff Environmental Representatives who consider environmental matters of interest, concern or strategic importance to activities and performance throughout the organisation. The EMC reports through the Senior Management Team to the Port's Board of Directors.

Environmental Policy Statement

Our Environmental Policy statement can be downloaded here. This Policy is reviewed regularly, endorsed by the EMC and signed by the Chief Executive. The policy statement is available to anyone who wishes to view it and we welcome feedback and comment.

Environmental Concern/Incident Reports

Environmental concerns or incidents form part of the company-wide Corporate Risk Management Assurance Framework (AF) and are captured via the AF Event Report. These reports are applicable to either internal or external expressions of concern.

Environmental Risk Management

The primary routes for the identification and mitigation of environmental risk are:

  • Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register
  • HSE Worksite Inspections
  • Corporate Risk Management Assurance Framework Event Reports
  • Inclusion within the Business Risk Registers
Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register

The Port of Milford Haven maintains a register of Aspects and Impacts. Identified Aspects and Impacts records include description of the Aspect, its Impact, where Management Responsibilities lie within the Port, and relevant Legislative compliance requirements.

Other areas of Environmental risk which are managed via stand-alone Management Plans include the Port's Oil Spill Contingency Plan and the Port Waste Management Plan, both of which are monitored and approved by the MCA and fall within the remit of the Assistant Harbourmaster.