Annual Report 2021


The Port of Milford Haven’s future growth strategy takes a big leap forward in 2021 despite continued challenges in trading conditions

Striving for excellence

2021 has seen our business - through our amazing people - overcome some profound challenges. A good measure of any business is its ability to adapt, not just to survive, but to thrive. I am sure this year's Annual Report will evidence that our team has shown a resilience and fortitude not only to deliver on the strategic “knowns”, but also to absorb and adapt to the shocks of the “unknowns”. Their hard work this year has generated huge enthusiasm and interest for what is to come. They should all be proud of what has been achieved.

Nothing ever stays still in the port industry. Delivering on core duties is paramount. But constantly striving for excellence, being nimble and responsive to changing times and alive to new opportunities is what makes a business such as ours successful, sustainable and fit for future generations.

Chris Martin, Chair

We're delivering our promises

Despite the ongoing disruption and challenges of 2021, the Port passed several important milestones that put us in reach of a very exciting 2022 and beyond. So many of the big moments in 2021, such as securing the planning consent and starting work on the Pembroke Dock Marine project, the new hotel build at Milford Waterfront and the signing of a new contract with Irish Ferries, came off the back of a huge amount of behind the scenes work by our staff. Foundation work rarely wins awards, but it’s a critical part of eventual success and the work completed in 2021 has put us in a strong position for the future.

In delivering on our promises, whether by providing a resilient and safe pilotage service or completing projects on time and on budget, we strengthen our partner relationships. Such reliability will be key as we seek to create more opportunities for the region, and especially important as we evolve to embrace new opportunities in marine renewables and green technologies such as hydrogen.

Andy Jones, Chief Executive (to 30 April 2022)

Building the Haven's prosperity

We’re fuelled by our vision to play a key role in building the Haven’s prosperity.

As a Trust Port, firmly rooted to Pembrokeshire, we are in a unique position to be able to do this. Prosperity is not just about a healthy economy, it is also about creating a place where the community has access to rewarding careers, that is culturally rich, where we have a positive contribution on our natural environment and where our communities are stronger.

By keeping our eyes fixed on this exciting vision and our minds focused on our strategy and plan, we’ll continue to evolve, deliver value for everyone who depends on us and contribute to a bright, buoyant and prosperous future for the people and businesses of Pembrokeshire.

Immersed in our community
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