Annual Report 2020

An extraordinary year that tested every aspect of our business and highlighted our employee and operational resilience. As a front line operation, we re-engineered our processes to keep nationally critical supplies moving while also ensuring the safety of our employees. 

Resilience and Excellence

"It is difficult to imagine a more challenging backdrop to trading than 2020 with the spread of Covid-19 sweeping away many norms. I remain deeply impressed by the resilience of the business and the aptitude all our staff have shown in extraordinary times.

My enduring memory of how the organisation has adapted to the challenges will be underscored with a sense of enormous pride in our whole team. As a designated key worker operation, it’s also underlined how critical the Port and the other Waterway businesses are to the UK energy infrastructure."

Chris Martin, Chair

A shared purpose

"2020 was the year that tested every aspect of our standing as a Trust Port. Thanks to the incredible commitment of all our staff, we were able to re-engineer the way we operate so that we could keep energy shipments moving, ferries running smoothly and goods arriving and leaving from our port while also making good progress with our exciting development plans on both sides of the Waterway. 

Looking forward, we'll increasing look towards why we do what we do rather than just what we do. We want to help inspire our stakeholders to join us in the common cause of driving economic, cultural, environmental and social improvement in Pembrokeshire."

Andy Jones, Chief Executive

Building the Haven's Prosperity

We’re fuelled by our vision to play a key role in building the Haven’s prosperity.

As a Trust Port, firmly rooted to Pembrokeshire, we are in a unique position to be able to do this. Prosperity is not just about a healthy economy, it is also about creating a place where the community has access to rewarding careers, that is culturally rich, where we have a positive contribution on our natural environment and where our communities are stronger.

By keeping our eyes fixed on this exciting vision and our minds focused on our strategy and plan, we’ll continue to evolve, deliver value for everyone who depends on us and contribute to a bright, buoyant and prosperous future for the people and businesses of Pembrokeshire.

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