Annual Report

The Port of Milford Haven's Annual Report for 2017 highlights diversification strategy for managing impact of volatile LNG trade

Focused on diversification


The Port of Milford Haven is the UK's largest energy port. It has a diverse business base which is focused on delivering solutions for industry. The Annual Report outlines performance during 2017 in:


Our Strategy

The Port of Milford Haven is a diverse organisation, however as the global oil and gas industries are subject to market fluctuations the need to diversify further is becoming increasingly important. The Port's strategy is to:

  • Target and secure long-term sustainable income streams
  • Manage and maintain property, land and equipment
  • Build strong partnerships
  • Understand our customers
Creating opportunities for growth

The Port's flagship projects, Milford Waterfront and Pembroke Dock Marine, demonstrate the Port's continued commitment to pursue sustainable revenue streams. Together these projects widen our commercial portfolio and make the most of our waterfront asset base. Our aim is to further reduce our over-reliance on one industry, and to create the right environment for attracting businesses to trade and flourish in Pembrokeshire.

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