Port of Milford Haven

2019 Safety & Security

Port Marine Safety Code

The Port Marine Safety Code (“Code”) sets out a national standard for every aspect of port marine safety. Its aim is to enhance safety for everyone who uses or works in the UK port marine environment.

As the duty holder under the Code, the Board is fully committed to providing a safe environment for any person within the Port of Milford Haven limits. Our Safety and Environmental Management System embraces the concepts and standards of the Code and its best practice guide. It is subject to both internal and external audit. Compliance is reviewed every three years with the Port’s next review due in 2021.

As part of our commitment, we annually agree a safety plan and are required to report on success in achieving objectives. 69 actions were identified in 2019 for the marine division, with a 95% completion target rate achieved.

UK port industry benchmarksPort Safety

The Port recorded another year with zero Lost Time Incidents. An improved culture of spotting incidents before they happen, and stopping and recording unsafe acts or conditions, has helped us maintain a record low Lost Time Frequency Rate.

We continue to meet and exceed benchmarks set by the UK port industry by continuously reviewing procedures and ensuring they remain fit for purpose. One example from 2019 has been our focus on developing our critical incident management procedures.

A focus for 2020 will be to look at how we engage more with the general public around safety issues. For example, as our destination and tourism business activities grow, we will need to extend our safety culture and communicate with the general public in a way that could help prevent avoidable incidents or accidents in areas such as the marina.

Port Security

2019 saw us collaborate closely with security services, key stakeholders and terminals operating along the Waterway to develop improved secure communications in the event of any incident. These systems were tested successfully in an exercise in early 2020.

The Port hosts the role of Chair for the Port Security Authority and the Port Security Officer, whose job it is to develop, implement, maintain and update the Port Security Plan.

Under Regulation 19 and schedule 5 of the Port Security Regulations 2009, security training exercises must be carried out at least once in each calendar year. In November 2019, the Port conducted a table-top exercise, SEA EAGLE II. This covered table-top exercise emergency response plans, policies, and procedures. A successful plan was produced at the direction of the Port Security Officer with input, advice, and assistance from Port Facility Security Officers at each of the major terminals operating within the Waterway. This exercise is evidence of the growing partnership and collaboration among the participating terminals and supporting agencies.

There were no reported security incidents in 2019.