Training & Awareness

Training & Awareness

All new staff have a presentation of an Environmental Module within their induction session. This highlights the Port's approach to both the Management of Environmental matters internally, and importantly the external environmental setting in which we operate as a port.

Existing staff are exposed to environmental matters through a variety of routes. Minutes from the EMC meeting are circulated electronically and hard copy placed on workplace notice boards. The Environmental reps maintain the profile of environmental issues, and best practice within the workplace. Formal Environmental training and awareness raising sessions have been progressed through the ENVIROPASS © training day.

Environmental Awareness Briefings are scheduled quarterly at both northerly and southern sites to align with shift-working patterns.

A monthly poster is circulated to all staff electronically and presented on all staff notice boards.

Each edition of the staff newsletter contains a section devoted to ‘Environment Matters’ with regular topical features of environmental interest.