Associate Companies

Associate Companies

The Port of Milford Haven Group includes the following associate companies:


Mustang Marine

The Port of Milford Haven merged its ship repair business, Milford Haven Ship Repairers, with international boat builders, Mustang Marine, early in 2012. The deal included the substantial investment of new capital to finance growth plans of the enlarged business, with the specific objectives of shortening new-build delivery times, and providing state-of-the-art fabrication facilities at Pembroke Dock.  Mustang Marine is 50% owned by the Port of Milford Haven, with management responsibilities remaining with Mustang's own team.

For more information, go to the Mustang Marine website



The Port of Milford Haven bought a share in Marimatech, the world's largest supplier of hi-tech maritime laser docking systems early in 2012. The Port has been a customer of Marimatech for almost 10 years, using their 'E-Sea Fix' system - a highly accurate position fixing system which pilots carry aboard ships. The Port secured 36% of the business.

For more information, visit the Marimatech website