Stakeholder Survey Results 2016

Stakeholder Survey Results 2016

In the spring of 2016 Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum were approached to undertake a third stakeholder perception survey for the Port. This survey differed from the previous two carried out in 2014 and 2009 as it was targeted to a much wider range of the Port’s stakeholders, rather than limited to immediate local communities. It included business owners, suppliers, customers and shipping agents, among others (a full list can be found in the methodology). 254 people completed this survey.

The aim of this survey was to gather opinions on matters such as how the Port operates, how it is performing in its duties, and what, in the opinion of its stakeholders, it should be prioritising. As a Trust Port, the port regularly seeks the views and concerns of its stakeholders through its Advisory Board, its Annual Consultative Meeting its Stakeholder Accountability Committee and various one to one meetings throughout the annual calendar. These views are taken into consideration when planning future strategies and in decision making.

You can download the relevant documents linked to the 2016 Stakeholder Survey here:

Full Stakeholder Survey Results 2016

Appendix A - 2016 Survey Questions

Appendix B - Full set of answers for question 6 (What other activities do you think the Port should get involved with which, in your opinion would make a positive contribution towards the Pembrokeshire economy?)

Appendix C - Table of results 2014 and 2009