Achieving the highest standard possible on matters relating to health, safety, security and the environment continues to be of the utmost priority. The MHPA Act refers to specific requirements for the Port to "prevent or reduce the discharge of oil, or the risk of discharge of oil, into the water".

Additionally, the Port of Milford Haven seeks to minimise incidents that may cause disruption to Port operations and also invests in systems and procedures that aim to eliminate risks and/or assist with response to incidents should they occur.

The Port continues to comply, so far as is reasonably practicable, with the Port Marine Safety Code which is a national standard that applies to all harbour authorities. The principle requirements of the Code directs ports to conduct risk assessments, implement a formal safety management system, employ properly qualified marine personnel and ensure that sufficient powers and resources are provided to manage the harbour safely.

The Port has amalgamated its Safety Management System and Environmental Management System into a single, more efficient Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) which is internally and externally audited.

The SEMS system sets out the roles and responsibilities of key staff, as well as a suite of management procedures and work instructions designed to standardise tasks and reduce risk.