Safety on the Water

Safety on the Water

Safety is the number one priority and as such the Port of Milford Haven must successfully balance the needs of both commercial and recreational users of the waterway. As many areas are used for a variety of recreational activities, we have introduced activity zoning for particular activities. Each year we distribute over 12,000 copies of our Leisure User Guide containing details of Byelaws and the activity zoning in place in the waterway alongside other useful information for recreational users such as Notices to Mariners.

We also work closely with relevant organisations and groups to ensure that the recreational use of the waterway can continue to grow and that a growing number of leisure users can safely coexist with industry. It should however be made clear that our shared safety on the water is the responsibility of all waterway users and that all users must comply with the zoning and regulations in force.

Useful documents

Leisure user guide 2017

Tide Tables 2017

Byelaws, Policing and Enforcement

Rules of the Road

Flags and sound signals

Lights and shapes

Navigation marks and buoyage

Castlemartin Firing Range

Safety advice for waterway users

Before you go afloat

In an emergency

Safety at night