Port of Milford Haven


Pembroke Port is ideally placed as a base for marine renewable device testing and manufacturing and offers the following:

Pembrokeshire provides the highest concentration of wave resource in Wales and also has significant tidal streams; ideal maritime conditions for both Wave and Tidal Flow technology.

  • indicative capacity of up to 5600MW in wave resource
  • annual wave power up to 25KW per metre
  • tidal flows around the islands up to 4m/s
  • within 1km of the port tidal flows

Our Unique Selling Points

The waterway can offer a range of sites that can be tailored to meet your technology readiness level, from nursery sites upwards.

Information can be made available for your project on wave and tidal data, and seabed conditions.

The Port also offers:

  • Specialist workboat manufacturing
  • Onsite customised boat builders specialising in steel, aluminium or GRP
  • In comparison to other UK coastal sites, existing land based grid connections are excellent in Pembrokeshire with a 400 kV National Grid connection being available at the Pembroke Power Station site
  • Established Energy Sector Workforce Development Group
  • Public and private sector partners working together to address the increasing manpower needs of the sector
  • Offices to let, storage, workshops, warehouses and industrial units to let with 11 kV power supply onsite, all within the Milford Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone
  • Close to Bridge Innovation Centre – Pembrokeshire Science & Technology Park

Member of Marine Energy Pembrokeshire (M.E.P.)

Collaborative working between technology developers, academia, industry and the public sector that is facilitated by www.marineenergypembrokeshire.co.uk results in the sharing of information that saves developers time and money.

This approach enables you to concentrate on your priorities – getting devices into the water.

Case Study: Tidal Energy’s DeltaStream

Pembroke Port is home to Tidal Energy's DeltaStream. This pioneering demonstration project in Ramsey Sound chose the Port as the project’s key operational hub for its proximity to the deployment site. This was not the only benefit. The existing Port infrastructure and onsite services perfectly fitted Tidal Energy’s engineering demands and our flexible, partnership approach meant that we could find solutions that delivered maximum project efficiency.

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